Celebrating all that is Hitchin

Hitchin Festival 2017 has begun.
Whether you like music, art, fitness, shopping or racing plastic ducks up the River Hiz, there’s something for you in July.
There are walks and talks and too many concerts for one person to get to them all. There’s even a dog show, our usual street food delights and a buskers day.
If you work in the town centre, there are seven free lunchtime concerts in St Mary’s, so grab some culture in the middle of your busy day.
I’m not on commission (I wish I was!), by the way.

Download a PDF of the Hitchin Festival 2017 programme

Art can strike when least expected

At this weekend’s Creative Fair in Hitchin Town Hall, I was surprised – and pleased – to be the first to buy artwork created by an English student from several years ago.

Kristina was a delight to teach and her sense of literature was always outstanding. Neither of us had any idea then that she had an innate artistic side. Finding that creativity came, she told me on Saturday, purely by chance. “I started playing around with the paint and realised that I was enjoying it.” She’d always had a way with words and now she’s proved she has a way with colours and shapes too.

Since starting this blog, I’d decided to look out for creativity wherever it might show itself and this was a delightful find. The pieces are small but now I have to decide where to hang them in my home for the best – they feel both inspired and inspirational.

It just proves that art can find you when you least expect it.