Sometimes, the only word that will do is sensual

I was delighted to be invited to experience a stunning new exhibition at London’s cultural hub, Somerset House. ‘Perfume: a sensory journey through contemporary scent’ is just that. It takes all your senses, bombards them with treats and then demands you actually think.

As well as exploring ten different rooms, each dedicated to a specific fine fragrance creation, visitors have the chance to chat with perfumers and the skilled creative and scientific minds and noses behind perfume creation today.

Somerset House is, of course, a beautiful location for such an immersive experience and the best way to both begin and end the visit is by enjoying the nearby River Thames. London is always a beautiful sight and you don’t always have to be up high to enjoy its power. On the hottest days, the breeze is welcome and there’s an urban aroma that links with just a hint of the sea.

Visiting each of the ten rooms in the exhibition demands thought. There’s even a handy card to note down what strikes you about each scent. And children will be able to take part in hands-on workshops through the school holidays until 29 August. Perfumery comes to life as you enjoy beautiful fine fragrances and have the chance to smell some of the individual ingredients on a perfumer’s palette.

For me, the word ‘sensual’ kept popping into my head – whether perching on a chaise longue made from Prada fabric while smelling Daniela Andrier’s ‘Purple Rain’ or sniffing Killian Wells’s ‘Dark Ride’ that simulates a water theme park.

If you’d like to check out Perfume yourself, you can book a ticket here: