The definition of pathetic fallacy – thirty years on

When I awoke on the morning of 16 October 1987, it was to devastation across the country. Fortunately for me, it only meant a bin flung half-way down the street. But it was a significant time in my life – my relationship was in tatters and I didn’t know how to get out of it. A few months later, I had succeeded (with the help of his infidelity) in moving on and was travelling the world.

In 1988, I took a road trip across the States, met another man (which similarly ended disastrously) and moved to Hong Kong, albeit briefly.

The storm that raged on the night of 15/16 October 1987 was somehow pathetic fallacy for what was happening in my life and I guess that’s what often happens with great events, that they become very personal.

The storm that raged in my life was positive in the end and the pictures posted by the National Trust show how some of their land was hit badly, but has recovered. See the pictures here in a great piece from The Guardian.

Of course, there was real tragedy that night, 30 years ago – 18 people lost their lives and their families will remember today very differently. It’s a relatively small number, but sad nonetheless for every one of them.


Too busy to think – until now

September was a great month. I achieved so much once I returned from holiday on 6th.

The view from room 352, Rithymna Beach

This was my view most mornings for that first week – a stunning holiday in Crete with a prime view. I was fortunate in finding quiet spots away from people to read and think.

Fortunately for my business, but unfortunately for my creativity, within days of my return, I was embroiled in three or four big projects. As we start October, I’m seeing the wood for the trees and hoping for more thinking time (albeit perhaps on a tighter budget!).

Last night, I had the chance to hear a VERY good (and old) friend perform at Hitchin’s Club85. Edgar Jones has always been a phenomenal sax player and it was a delight to hear him with Kitty La Roar as part of her new quartet. We caught up briefly before the show – a great way to end a busy month.

Kitty La Roar at Club 85, 30 September 2017

Celebrating all that is Hitchin

Hitchin Festival 2017 has begun.
Whether you like music, art, fitness, shopping or racing plastic ducks up the River Hiz, there’s something for you in July.
There are walks and talks and too many concerts for one person to get to them all. There’s even a dog show, our usual street food delights and a buskers day.
If you work in the town centre, there are seven free lunchtime concerts in St Mary’s, so grab some culture in the middle of your busy day.
I’m not on commission (I wish I was!), by the way.

Download a PDF of the Hitchin Festival 2017 programme